Bravo All Natural Duck Blend Diet for Dogs
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Ingredients: Duck, duck bone, duck liver, duck gizzard, duck heart,
green beans, squash, broccoli.

  •    Raw duck is the #1 ingredient, plus ground bones,
    organs and garden vegetables
  •    Ideal for dogs required to eat a single protein, limited
    ingredient diet    
  •    Raised without added antibiotics or hormones*
  •    No artificial preservatives, flavors or colors
  •    Grain and gluten free
  •    Made in the USA by a family-owned company
  •    Tested for food safety before shipping

*Federal regulations prohibit the use of hormones in poultry.

Intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only.

Consider adding your choice of supplements for a complete and
balanced canine diet.
Price  $ 31.23  5 lb - (10 individually-wrapped 8oz patties)
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