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Green Tripe, Muscle Meat, Heart,
Tongue, Trachea/Gullet and Ground
This product is excellent for younger
dogs and serious working dogs. It
helps build muscle, bone and stamina.
It is also excellent for older dogs if
fed a couple of times per week.
100% Green Tripe (ground)
The following are special order items that we stock on request.

Green Tripe with Trachea & Gullet (ground)
Bovine trachea and gullet are the natural source for chondroitin sulfate.
Bovine tracheal cartilage has also shown success in helping to isolate
cancers, tumors and other diseases by preventing thier growth and
spread. The fresh raw trachea and gullet are ground in with the tripe.
This is an excellent product for all dogs, especially breeds known for
hip/joint problems.

Beef Pancreas
Freshly frozen beef pancreas is offered as an alternative to treating
dogs with pancreatic problems. Frozen pancreas, when being used for
medicinal purpose, has a shelf life of only 3 months. We get the
pancreas fresh only when we have orders for it. We immediately cut it
up and package it in 2lb bags and then freeze it. This product is only
available in 2lb. rolls
What is Green Tripe ??
Price  $ 10.89   2 lb chub
    $ 25.39    5 lb chub
Price  $  8.99   2 lb chub
  $ 22.29  5 lb chub