Orange & Calendula
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Insect Repellant
Lemongrass  & Calendula
Lavender & Avocado
Rosie and Friends products are intended to be both therapeutic and
gentle at the same time. All of the products are enhanced with
essential oils for healing purposes as well as smelling great. They
are free of the harsh ingredients found in most commercial products
which include sodium lauryl sulfate, parabens, and silicon.

Since most dogs are sensitive to the additives found in commercial
products, Rosie & Friends bath and skincare for the "natural dog" is
a great alternative. Our products are beneficial for itchy or dry skin,
hot spots, allergy related conditions, dermatitis, eczema, dry paws
and bacterial or fungal issues. They also offer a safe and natural
way to repel bugs as well calm a stressed or anxious dog.

Using safe, natural products offer both you and your dog a way to
heal without the chemicals. Your canine friends will notice the
Insect Repellant