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Dog Shampoo Certified to USDA Organic Food Standards
Clean ingredients for clean dogs. USDA Certified Organic Dog Shampoo
to Food Grade Standards. Made with safe and non-toxic essential oils,
saponified oils, and aloe to promote naturally healthy skin for your dog.
Nothing synthetic and nothing artificial.
Lemongrass and Aloe
Hypoallergenic & formulated for allergies
Organic Oatmeal with Lavender and
Restores dry & itchy skin while
Cedar,Peppermint & Eucalyptus 2 in 1
Natural Pest Control        Conditioning
Organic Lavender, Calendula & St.
John's Wort
Soothing Relief for Skin Inflammation
Organic Sweet Orange and Neem Oil
Natural Pest Control & Dry Flaky Skin
Organic Peppermint and Tea Tree
Sebum balancing
Reduce Yeast & Bacteria
USDA Certified Organic Dog Shampoo
The first safe and non-toxic aloe based USDA organic dog shampoo
made with shea butter, sunflower oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and essential