About White Rock Pet Food Delivery

We Are Your Favorite Store.

Since 2001, White Rock Pet Food Delivery has provided a pet food delivery service to residential customers in Dallas, TX and surrounding areas. We deliver dog food and cat food and other supplies to your home or office.

We offer several varieties of complete and balanced frozen raw diets and freeze dried raw diets. We stock many and we order others weekly. Additionally, we offer frozen raw blends by Small Batch and by Answers that you can use to formulate your own raw diet. In addition to raw food, we offer frozen raw meaty bones and frozen raw recreational bones. We also sell frozen raw goat milk, raw goat milk kefir and raw cow milk kefir.

We realize that not every pet owner is ready to make the change to a raw diet, so we offer freeze dried diets, dehydrated diets, air dried diets and several grain free canned and kibble diets as well as kibble diets with grains.

Our goal is to help your pets maintain optimum health thru good diet and supplementation. We are concerned about the actual ingredient sources, seeking products free of artificial ingredients, colors, preservatives, excess sugars and salt. Our concern for minimizing toxic chemicals in our environment and sensitivity for improving our lifestyles extends to our pets as well.

You are the guard dog!

Your pets are not able to read labels, therefore it is up to you to be their guard dog and pay particular attention to the ingredients contained in your pet’s daily meals.

Don’t See What You Want ?

Please ask us as we can get almost anything and will gladly order it for you.

Need Help ?

Often times picking a food for your dog or cat can be overwhelming, so if you need help picking a food or have questions about one of the products offered, we are here to assist you.

For more information call 214-327-6351 or email WhiteRockPetFoodDelivery@pobox.com

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