Customer Testimonials

“We have two beagles and a very picky dachshund. I reached out to Laurie to discuss switching the dogs to a raw diet. She provided me with a wealth of knowledge on the food and made recommendations. We switched to the raw diet and now our little dachshund literally jumps for joy to eat! Laurie is always professional. Quick to respond and provides great service!!!”

Hilary G.

“When I started using White Rock Pet Food Delivery 3 years ago, my little 10lb Italian Greyhound was suffering with colitis. I did research on dog food and suppliers of specialty dog food for gastric health, and White Rock Pet Food Delivery was recommended. Laurie was not only very responsive, she was very knowledgeable about what was going on with my pup. We tinkered with her food and low and behold, she was a changed doggie. We have had her and my other doggie on a raw food diet ever since and they are thriving. Laurie is a caring and extremely intuitive about dogs and what works for their optimum health. We have avoided expensive vet bills by keeping them both well fed and their guts healthy. I highly recommend White Rock Pet Food Delivery for regular delivery of your pet’s food. She is always communicative, on time and her attention to detail is always on point.”

Alisa O’Banion

I’ve been using White Rock Pet Food Delivery for a few months and am very happy. I found them when looking for Small Batch patties. Not only does Laurie make it easy on me to keep food stocked for my 3 pets, but she has also been able to help me troubleshoot their very unique needs. I highly recommend!

Jess B.

Laurie with White Rock Pet Food Delivery is 100% amazing. 5 star service. She is always available and is very knowledge about brands and what is best for your pet. I have an older dog and a picky eater, Laurie advised me to transition to a different food and the 13 yo pup is more energetic and very excited at meal time. We’ve seen a change in her activity level and seems to be overall a happier dog. Laurie also helped me find a raw diet for my 5 year lab mix with recurrent urinary tract infections. Her shape is trim and lean and she loves the food. The diet has helped significantly with the infections. I appreciate Laurie, her expertise and her pet delivery service.


White Rock Pet Food Delivery has been the most incredible service in my life for the last three years! Laurie is a knowledgeable source of information regarding the best food for my dog, Tootsie, and for the suggestions of types, limits, and servings for the breed. She is personally interested in each of her clients, and corresponds biweekly with delivery times and great information about additions to the Menu with Treats and Supplements. Always available ,helpful and professional with her terrific care and attention, Laurie Is now our Best Friend in the Animal World.


Kay and Tootsie E.

I have used Laurie’s expertise with small dog food for almost 20 years. I trust her advice and suggestions and consider her a good friend. White Rock Pet Food Delivery’s availability, delivery and prices are unmatched.

Mari W.

5 stars for knowledge about general health and products

5 stars for dependability

5 stars for putting up with every question as well as last-minute order changes

5 stars for caring about clients

More economical than purchasing from the retail stores. I highly recommend White Rock Pet Food Delivery!

Lewise C.

Laurie is super helpful and very knowledgeable about her products! She will help you find the right food and supplements for your pet.

Amy F.

Amazing, quality products and outstanding service! Freckles, my female Blue Heeler, started with WRPFD at about 3 years of age. Within a few months she was leaner and more energetic. She has been eating raw ever since. She is now 14 and very energetic and healthy. Thanks Laurie!

Jeff S.

WR Pet Food Delivery was recommended to me by my dog’s groomer when she suggested a specific dog food. I emailed Laurie that day and received an almost immediate response, then I was placed on the weekly email list. Payment is easy and the food is delivered which is very convenient My German Shepherd mix loves her food, is less itchy, and has lost a few pounds so she’s healthier.

Christine S.

Excellent customer service. Very helpful in assisting customers in making food choices. Vast array of high quality options.

Susan S.

White Rock Pet Food Delivery removes an errand from our list and means I don’t have to worry about lifting heavy bags. Laurie is always prompt and we never worry about running out – in a pinch, she’s brought us samples to hold us over. If she sells it, I know it’s high quality. Laurie knows what she’s talking about – she’s helped us with what would be most likely to convince our sick dog to eat, what to give a foster dog with a sensitive tummy, and other nutrition questions. Thank you!

Talia B.

Super convenient. Delivery when promised. What more could you ask for?

Thomas M.

Laurie is knowledgeable in animal nutrition . Because of her recommendation of a specific diet our dog continues to be very stable with a long term chronic condition.

Peg C.

I would highly recommend buying your pet food from White Rock Pet Food Delivery. I have been purchasing from Laurie for 8 years. She always has exceptional products available and is very knowledgeable on higher quality pet products. Wonderful lady. My dogs just love her and so do I.

Jere D.

In my 20 years of using White Rock Pet Food Delivery, I have been extremely pleased with the service, the variety of superior products offered and especially the great advice I’ve received over the years when trying to find the right food or supplements for our dogs. In that period of time we have had a number of pups with different needs and health situations to consider and Laurie has always been a trusted advisor and shared her deep knowledge of foods and supplements to find the right solution. We love WRPFD and have recommended the service to many family and friends who have also become loyal customers.

Randy J.

I have been a client of White Rock Pet Food Delivery since 2000. I am obviously pleased with the service and the quality of the food. I depend on Laurie to guide me in choosing the right food for the many pets I have had during this time. Laurie is always there to help me and bring the food I order. I see her as a friend of my little furry family.

Karen R.

Laurie with White Rock Pet Food Delivery provides EXCEPTIONAL service! She carries only the finest products, delivers them to your door, and also provides knowledgable consultations for you when you are thinking of changing your pet’s food, treats or shampoo. I have found her to be MOST helpful!

Denise D.

“SO grateful for this company… I am very particular what I feed my cats, especially for my purebred Chinchilla British Shorthair, Wendy. I have been feeding them a proper raw diet for years and it has cured weight problems, health issues, and shedding. I was making my own raw food for years and after getting a second cat, I just didn’t have the time anymore… literally would take a whole day… Laurie’s service helps SO much and gave me my day back. Her delivery is so helpful and she always communicates and is very organized. I love the Small Batch brand. I use the blends and add a few supplements to them. Laurie is also very knowledgeable and I like knowing that I’m helping a local woman owned business.”

Stephanie H.

I have used White Rock Pet Food Delivery for years and there isn’t a better run small business out there. Laurie is incredibly knowledgeable in not only food and products, but in many aspects of animal care. She is always glad to share advice you might need or information regarding your pet(s). The real plus is that she carries top quality products and having them delivered makes life easier. I cannot recommend WR Pet Food Delivery enough. It’s not a 5 , but a 10. I love Laurie.

Joan A.

WRPFD. gets 5 Stars ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ 1. Top Brand Quality Foods offered 2. Service is Dependable 3. Laurie is Knowledgeable 4. Prices are the same if not better than box stores and online stores 5. Best of all… no run around shopping

Becky H.

Laurie is the most caring and genuine when it comes to the health of my fur babies! She goes above and beyond to make sure I am feeding my dog the best and healthy food for her body. She delivers weekly and is very communicative. I will never use store bought dog food again. She is my go to for dog food, healthy treats, skin treatment, and all the goats milk! Thank you Laurie for your amazing service you bring to the community. 🙂

Rachel V.

Laurie has been bringing my precious Coco’s meals to our doorstep for all of her 12 years. Since she’s my first dog, I’ve truly appreciated having Laurie’s advice on choosing healthy, nutritious food for Coco. I know if Laurie recommends it, it’s got all of the good stuff and none of the bad. Plus I don’t have to lift those heavy bags and cases of food until it’s at my door!

Susan B.

I’ve had White Rock Pet Food Delivery for more than three years, and have never been disappointed with the service. My orders have always been delivered on time, and any unplanned deliveries have been honored without delay. I’ve also depended upon Laurie’s advice for the best food for my Shiba Inu. From puppyhood to almost four years, Laurie has been my guide and comfort.

Joan C.

I would not be able to manage without White Rock Pet food delivery for my cat. Before I discoveredWhite Rock pet Food delivery- I was like a hunter and gatherer looking for fresh rabbit for my cat who can only eat alternative protein! Thanks Laurie- you do a great job.

Sarita K.

Laurie delivers a great, friendly service! It makes feeding Miles and Beau so easy.

Kendall F.

Experience. Quality. Service. Three words that best describe what White Rock Pet Food Delivery embodies with every order delivered to my doorstep. Laurie has knowledge gleaned from decades of assisting clients with tailoring the best quality diet and nutrition for their unique pet. Since before she even opened WRPFD in 2001, Laurie has assisted me with making the best food, treat and supplement choices I can for my dogs. She listens, educates and guides clients through what can be an overwhelming world of ingredient and formulation choices. I trust her advice, judgement and expertise impeccably.

Suzanne B.

My pup and I are so grateful to have found Laurie with White Rock Pet Food Delivery! Laurie is very knowledgeable about her products. When we transitioned our dog to a raw diet she was very helpful and spent the time to pick the right products for us. Laurie is very reliable and deliveries are always on time. I would recommend White Rock Pet Food Delivery to my friends and family!

Julia P.

White Rock Pet Food Delivery has been a life changer! Laurie is wonderful – she has helped me evaluate several different dog foods until we landed on the local Bones & Co. raw patties brand, which has helped keep my pup energetic and healthy! The delivery option is very helpful for a busy lifestyle and Laurie is very responsive, knowledgeable, and caring. Thank you!

Shawna B.

I reached out to Laurie when my cat was having horrible dermatitis on her head and scratching so badly she was covered in scabs. Laurie was very knowledgeable, super prompt to answer my questions and extremely helpful to get me on the right path to healing my kitty. I have been impressed with her professional and reliable service, not to mention how much she cares about animals and making sure they live healthier and happier lives. She has a kind heart and was always willing to help! I cannot recommend her and White Rock Pet Food Delivery enough.

Danielle N.

Laurie is extremely helpful and knowledgeable. She answers any questions you might have, and offers suggestions. White Rock Pet Food is a reliable and convenient option I’d definitely recommend to anyone.

Courtney A.

Laurie with White Rock Pet Food Delivery has not only been providing quality pet foods to dozens of our paw kids, but continuously keeps informed on the best products and supplements. She has been my dogs Fairy Godmother for the last 15+ years; her knowledge has helped with issues that have come about. Laurie was the first to tell me about probiotics for dogs. At first my reaction was “really?” but three dogs and many years later equals “really!” High on my list is that she cares for her customers and their pets … we love her!

Mili T.

Laurie runs a fabulous business!! She is a wealth of knowledge about all of the products that she sells, and also about dogs in general.. It’s so easy to work with her, as she will deliver, or let you pick up at her house. The quality and variety never cease to amaze me!! For all of these reasons, and because she is a local small business, supporting this company is really important.

Diane H.

Laurie is like a vet nutritionist! She has done her research and ONLY carries the highest quality foods so you can trust your pets are getting the very best. If you are unsure of what to feed, she will ask all about your pet and give her expert recommendations on the best diet for them. She is cost conscious and gave me several options to fit my budget. I am so glad I found Laurie as the people (mostly kids) that work in pet food stores have never been able to help me like Laurie has. My dogs LOVE IT when her van pulls into our driveway! Yum yum! I trust her COMPLETELY with my fur babies diet! Plus, she is a smart and kind woman!!

Anita B.

I have been ordering food and other products for my dog Murphy, an eleven year-old Maltese mix, for about nine months. I began to explore alternative types of dog food when first learning about a rise in cases of DCM (a type of heart disease) and ways it can be related to grain-free food. A friend recommended that I contact Laurie, and I found her to be very knowledgeable about proper diet for dogs. She has assisted me in finding a food that has improved Murphy’s health and activity level.

A few months ago Murphy developed an overgrowth of yeast due to receiving a round of antibiotics for an eye injury, and his white coat was turning brown from his saliva. Because of her knowledge of and experience with this issue, Laurie has helped me select the correct diet and supplements to eliminate this pesky problem. We are on the road to recovery thanks to her help.

Linda C.

Laurie is wonderful to work with and has an array of products to offer. She is very consistent in all ways and very knowledgeable about the various products she offers. I highly recommend her services!

Patty A.

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