Bones & Co Raw Marrow Bones 6-pk


Raw bones for dogs = uncooked raw bones usually filled with marrow (the fatty substance found in the cavity of the bone). This can include ribs, tails, necks, hips, femurs, knuckles, and feet from animals like cow or buffalo.

Usually served frozen, recreational bones are a delicious treat that provide mental stimulation and a good teeth cleaning.

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2″ marrow bones – 6 pack      
ingredients: grass fed beef marrow bones

Ideal for small to medium dogs


Here are the major benefits of raw bones for dogs:

  • Raw bones clean teeth: when a dog chews on a bone, they remove tartar or calculus from their teeth which reduces the likelihood of developing gum disease. Tartar is a big problem. Once tartar or calculus starts to build up on teeth, plague can enter under the gum line causing inflammation (gingivitis) and this invites bad bacteria to enter into the gums and body. Over time, this can lead to infection all over the body…issues in the joints, liver, and elsewhere. Tartar build up should be avoided at all costs.

  • Raw bones are all-natural: compared to highly-processed and highly-chemical rawhide chews, bones are all natural! This whole, unprocessed food works with dogs bodies and doesn’t contain unnecessary chemicals or preservatives—the only preservative is the freezer!

  • Raw bones provide mental stimulation: dogs, especially puppies, have an innate desire to chew. By providing dogs with a positive outlet for their chewing, you won’t have to worry as much about your dog chewing on things they aren’t supposed to (like your favorite pair of socks). When dogs are mentally stimulated, they will be far less likely to act out and cause destruction elsewhere in the house.



6 pack


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