Nature’s Protection™ Flea & Tick Daily Herbal Internal Powder


Yeast Free Flea and Tick Prevention for Dogs and Cats.   An All Natural Powder to Guard Against Fleas & Ticks from the Inside Out.

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Nature’s Protection™ Flea & Tick Daily Herbal Internal Powder
Active Ingredients: Alfalfa, Garlic, Spirulina, Kelp, Papaya, Neem, Nettles and Hawthorne.

Ingredient Benefits:

Alfalfa – Contains a high mineral and vitamin content and is rich in protein, calcium, and vitamins E and K.

Garlic* – This natural repellent contains antibacterial and antifungal properties, and supports immune function while cleansing the blood.

Kelp – A source of iodine that supports thyroid function, which helps weight control and repels fleas.

Neem – Fights off parasites, bacteria, and viruses. Its detoxifying effects also make this a great immune booster.

Nettles – Very rich in potassium, calcium, and silicic acid.

Papaya – Supports digestion and purifies the blood.

Hawthorne – A source of nutrition and support for the heart.

*The amount of garlic in all Earth Animal’s products is always at levels that are proven safe for dogs and cats. Garlic will only have the side effects discussed by
veterinarians at extremely high levels.

Worry free – Safe for people, dogs, cats, and the environment.

Container Size: 8 oz.

Daily Dosing – how big = how much:

Administer by weight.

Safe for puppies and kittens 3 months or older.

3 -9 lbs – 1/2 Teaspoon
10-20 lbs – 1 Teaspoon
21-50 lbs – 1 1/2 Teaspoon
51-75lbs – 2 Teaspoons
76 – 100lbs – 1 Tablespoon
101 + lbs – 1 1/2 Tablespoons

Usage Suggestions: Slowly introduce this product into the dog and cat’s daily meals. Build up to recommended dose. Use all year round. Daily dosage can be split between meals. We suggest mixing with plain, organic yogurt or add water to make into a tasty paste. Remember to double the dose during your region’s peak season.


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