Green JuJu Golden Blend


A frozen whole food supplement made with vibrant orange organic vegetables, including butternut squash, golden beets and turmeric with duck bone broth.  It’s a whole food source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antiozidants — the easiest way to add fresh food to your pup’s diet.

WHOLE BODY SUPPORT  –  Whole foods to support the whole body.  Healthy foods like those found in our Golden Blend are made up of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals — all of which are essential to your pup’s overall health.  Over 70% of your pup’s immune system is in their gut.  The diversity of plants in a dog’s diet is a great indicator of a  healthy gut microbiome

SKIN  –  The skin is the last organ to receive nutrients first to show enzyme deficiencies — often as a flaky or dull coat, rashes or hot spots.  High moisture content in vegetables hydrates the body, improving the condition of the skin and coat while helping boost bodily functions overall.

IMMUNITY  –  Phytonutrients found in plants have anti-aging, anti-degenerative and
anti-cancer properties.  The golden color of butternut squash, golden beets, ginger and turmeric infuses the food with powerful unique antioxidants to help ward off disease and early aging.

DIGESTION  –  Free-range duck bone broth provides collagen in its natural moisture-rich
environment to soothe and support the gut lining.  Combining the bone broth with plants like squash, celery and cauliflower provides fiber, prebiotics and microbiome diversity for total gut support.

Ingredients:  Organic butternut squash, organic celery, duck bone broth, organic cauliflower, organic golden beets, organic coconut oil, organic apple cider vinegar, organic ginger, organic turmeric.

BUTTERNUT SQUASH  –  Butternut squash is an ideal source of beta carotene, which supports eye health and immunity. Butternut squash contains soluble and insoluble fiber to feed the gut microbiome and support digestion.
CAULIFLOWER  –  Part of the broccoli family, cauliflower is another great source of fiber that also delivers important cancer-fighting properties.
APPLE CIDER VINEGAR  –  Raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar enhances digestion and
helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels.

GOLDEN BEETS  –  Beets get their color from an antioxidant called belatains, which are anti-inflammatory and fight oxidative stress that causes early aging. They also contain potassium
that supports the nervous system.
GINGER  –  Ginger helps soothe the digestive system. It is also a natural anti-inflammatory and has been shown to ease arthritis symptoms.
DUCK BONE BROTH  –  Duck bone broth offers specific amino acids that are natural immune system boosters. It also contains gelatin and collagen to support the gut lining and joints. Duck is a cooling protein in Traditional Chinese Medicine, known to soothe inflammation in the body.

DAILY FEEDING  –  Add a spoonful or two to every meal. You can’t go wrong, it’s just real whole food!  Green Juju Blends are sold frozen. They should be kept in the freezer until ready to use. Thaw in the fridge and use within 5-7 days after thawing. You can portion into smaller containers or ice cube trays and refreeze.
Green Juju can be fed to enhance any type of diet including kibble, canned, dehydrated, freeze dried, raw, or home cooked foods.  Try pairing with raw goat’s milk.


15 oz, 30 oz


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