CDH CALM: Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Oil for Dogs with Lavender Essential Oil


This organic, full spectrum hemp CBD extract formula is perfect for naturally managing your dog’s chronic anxiety and situational fear. CALM provides the perfect holistic solution for stress-inducing events like thunderstorms, fireworks, grooming and vet visits, travel, and separation anxiety. CALM contains lavender essential oil and our full spectrum hemp extract.

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  • 1 ml dropper contains at least 9 mg of CBD
  • Each 2oz bottle contains at least 550mg of CBD
  • Each 2 oz bottle contains approximately 60 servings

How much CBD for dog anxiety should I give my dog? 

The best way to determine your pet’s optimal dosage of CBD for anxious dogs is to take into account each animal’s individual physiological condition, including their endocannabinoid system, age, metabolism, disease process, and other individual medical factors.

Based on research and experience with hundreds of animals, the following is a SUGGESTED initial dose of dog CBD for calming. Maintain consistency, keep track of the dose provided, and make adjustments as needed.

Thunder anxiety, Noise anxiety, Separation anxiety:  Administer 9mg before a triggering event. Wait 15-20 minutes and if your pet is still anxious, administer another 9mg until you see desired results.

General anxiety:  CBD for dog anxiety: Administer a daily dose of at least 9mg. If you don’t notice a difference within 1-2 weeks, increase to 15-25mg daily.

To maintain regular blood concentration levels, divide the complete daily dose into 2-3 smaller doses. CBD for anxious dogs can be utilized in a variety of situations, and can be used daily or situationally, as needed.

CBD for Chronic Dog Anxiety

A 2013 article published in Neuropharmacology  found that: “In addition to modulating basal anxiety states, recent studies suggest an important role for the endocannabinoid and glucocorticoid systems in the modulation of emotional states and extinction of aversive memories in animals.”

This means that CBD for dog anxiety can help in facilitating extinction of negative emotion surrounding triggers, like fireworks, and helps treat PTSD and anxiety or panic disorders in people and animals.

What can I give my dog for fireworks anxiety?

Are dogs scared of fireworks? According to a 2015 study published in Applied Animal Behavoir Science, which took into account 5,000 dogs of 17 breeds:

  • Dogs are more afraid of fireworks than they are of gunshots, thunderstorms, or heavy traffic.
  • 21 percent showed “strong or very strong signs of being fearful” during fireworks.
  • Only 10 percent of dogs were afraid of thunder.
  • 14 percent of dogs reacted to gunshots.
  • Fear of loud noises increases with age.

Despite all of the frightening facts about dogs and fireworks, there is a safe way to help your pets and even yourself: full spectrum hemp extract, CBD for dog anxiety. Full spectrum CBD has been proven to help manage PD, C-PTSD, and PTSD on holidays when fireworks will be used.

Lavender Essential Oils for Dog Anxiety

Lavender not only aids the effectiveness of other plant oils, but it has also been discovered to enhance the advantages of hemp oil for pets. CALM: CBD for Dog Anxiety, for example, combines 550 mg of full spectrum hemp plus a mix of lavender essential oil to assist dogs stay calm during storms, fireworks, and other stressful, fearful, or anxious situations.

CBD Dog Health full-spectrum CBD is:

  • Domestic, non-GMO
  • Grown organically without the use of pesticides and herbicides
  • CO2 extracted for highest quality oil
  • Free of residual chemicals and solvents such as ethanol and butane
  • 100% food grade





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