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Green Juju’s grass-fed raw goat’s milk contains proteins, fats, enzymes, probiotics, vitamins, minerals and more! Green JuJu sources the best raw milk in the country — from happy, healthy, humanely raised goats.

Raw goat’s milk is such a powerful boost for your pet’s health.

All goat milk products are raw (unpasteurized) and un-homogenized. Goat’s dairy tends to be easier to digest and can be less allergenic than cow’s milk since it contains only A2 casein (not the inflammatory hard to digest A1 Beta casein).  It is digested in 1-2 hours. Goat’s milk contains no agglutinin (like cow’s milk does).  Thus fat globules in goat’s dairy don’t cluster together and this makes them easier to digest. Goat milk contains more of the essential fatty acids linoleic and arachidonic acids and a higher proportion of short-chain & medium-chain fatty acids, easier for intestinal enzymes to digest.

Goat’s milk has slightly lower levels of lactose which makes it a better choice for lactose-intolerant individuals.

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Proven Nutrition – Raw goat’s milk is the most nutritionally diverse and complete food on the planet. It’s made by nature to support the full nutritional needs of a baby. It contains proteins, fats, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and more! This is without a doubt the easiest way to provide as many nutrients to your dog and cat as possible. Just pour it over their food!

Packed with Probiotics and Enzymes – Raw goat’s milk contains over 200 species of probiotics and every known digestive enzyme. The naturally present sugars feed and set up the probiotics in the gut, and the enzymes assist in absorbing the abundance of nutrients. This makes raw goat’s milk the most easily digested food on the planet!

Customize and Feed It 3 Ways !

RAW  –  Straight from the bottle is the easiest way to feed.  Most dogs and cats do great with raw milk just as nature intended.

FERMENTED  –  Since Green Juju is one of the the only brands to not pre-ferment or add probiotics, you can ferment your own with ease.  This allows you to rotate probiotics and ferment it, building a diverse microbiome.

LACTOSE-FREE  –  While uncommon, some dogs and cats are lactos intolerant, and some owners want to reduce the overall carbohydrates in their pet’s diets.  Adding the lactase enzyme to this milk will process out the lactose sugars.



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